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My Lovely Amazing Awesome WONDERFUL Clients -Send me your selfie & show off your beauty & confidence to everyone. Why? Because you deserve it!

Tammy G
Tammy GFreckles
I asked Tammy what made her decide to get freckles & she said ” Why not get freckles, I want to look young forever”
Sara H
Sara HFreckles
Sara said she always loved the look of freckles on people so when she saw she could have freckles too, she didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone & call. It’s been a little over a year & a half and she is still loving the joy of those teeny dots on her face.
CrystalOmbre Eyebrows
Saren Gillespie
Saren GillespieMicroblading + Shading
Saren said she wanted her eyebrow hairs to look thicker like they used to be before she discovered the tweezer. She loves the look of dark dark eyebrows and wanted the microblading to be a dark color. It’s been about 7 months now & she is still enjoying her New & Improved Eyebrows.
Shanna H
Shanna HMicrobladed Eyebrows
Shanna got the opportunity to be on in one of my TV commercials. After seeing the service done, she just had to get it done. It’s been 9 months & she hasn’t picked up an eyebrow pencil yet!
RisaHenna Brows
I asked Imagine what made her decide to get freckles & she said ” You only have one life to live so do it big!” I agree with her 100%
Miriam M
Miriam MOmbre Eyebrows
Miriam decided to get her eyebrows done so she didn’t have to draw them on everyday anymore. Now she wants her eyeliner & freckles done. I think she has become addicted to permanent makeup. Lol
Keysha Cole
Keysha ColeHenna Brows
Henna Brows are a girl’s best friend if you want your eyebrows to look like makeup. Keysha said “I like the fullness” of how the Henna Brows look, let me do that style”.

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