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During the microblading process we use a special microblading pen to draw on individual strokes one by one. 

It is an extremely meticulous process that takes around two and a half hours to complete. The first hour we’re drawing your shape which you will approve before Microblading is done. This is the longest part and the most important step. During this time, the best customized shape for every client is chosen. 

Next, we draw hairlike strokes with a tool to mimic natural hairs in your brows. Even though it’s not as deep as the regular tattoo, it’s still a tattoo because pigment is implanted under the skin. 

Six weeks after your procedure, we recommend you come back for a free, 45ish minute, touch up. After that, you can expect results to last up to two years before they begin to fade. 

After healing, wake up with a smile on your face, knowing you don’t have to do a thing to your brows! You can rub them and enjoy swimming …

Microblading – $600

With microblading eyebrows, you will have eyebrow hair strokes that when healed, are arranged in a perfect shape all the time. Perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows. Results will last for up to two years before beginning to fade.

Ombre Powder Brows – $600

The ombre powder technique will create an even fuller, powdery looking brow, similar to the polished look you have when filling in your brows with powder at home. This look can be as subtle & natural looking as one would desire or as bold and look  like makeup. It’s your choice.

Microblading + Shading – $600

Similar to microblading, this is a semi-permanent makeup technique that gives you natural looking eyebrows. The difference is that these brows combine 2 techniques (microblading and shading) to achieve the naturally full eyebrow look. For people with little to no eyebrows, we recommend choosing combination brows rather than microblading alone as it looks fuller and more realistic. While microblading is great for those with already full brows who only want to fill in gaps, combination brows is best for those that desire natural looking depth and dimension to the eyebrows.

Henna Brows $65

Henna Brow Treatments are a more natural method of achieving a fuller and defined brow, using plant based ingredients that offer a safe & gentle dying process. Unlike current eyebrow tints, Henna does not require a developing agent, eliminating your exposure to chemicals that may cause irritation to the skin leaving you with exactly the same standard of results. Lasts up to 2 weeks on the skin & up to 6 weeks on the eyebrow hairs. This service includes Brow Mapping, Eyebrow Shaping & Removal of excess hair. Lasts up to 2 weeks on the skin & up to 6 weeks on the Eyebrow hairs.

Lollipop Brows $25

This is an East Coast style painless eyebrow hair removal & brow shaping service that is perfect for  preteens & teenagers who are getting ready to start maintaining their brows or have an event to attend. This service is perfect for a mother daughter bonding experience.

Eyebrow Drawing $0

Do you need assistance with drawing on the right shape for your brows that fits your personality & style? Do you need assistance with picking the right color for your brows that compliments you? This is a free service to you, simply because we want you to love your brows.

Eyebrow Threading

Coming Soon

Microblading Corrections – $600

Top Eyeliner – $350

Bottom Eyeliner – $300

Top & Bottom Eyeliner – $300

Microblading Touch Up – $350

Microblading + Shading Touch Up – $350

Ombre Powder Brow Touch Up – $350

Top Eyeliner Touch Up – $250

Bottom Eyeliner Touch Up – $200

Top & Bottom Eyeliner Touch Up – $400

Color Correction – $100

** Please Note **

 – Touch Ups are one appointment. Any additional appointment is $100.

 – These rates are for existing clients only, new clients with EXISTING permanent makeup will need to send a clear picture of the area that needs to be done to get a quote

Common Questions

Even though it’s not as deep as the regular tattoo, it’s still a tattoo because pigment is implanted under the skin. Also, unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine.

Some clients may feel a slight discomfort, but it’s relatively painless. Overall it feels like little scratches.

Avoid blood thinners, aspirin, retinol, and alcohol.

Protect your freshly bladed brows from all moisture–no sweaty workouts or washing your face with water. Some patients experience itching and redness during the first week, which Vaseline can alleviate. The healing process will take between 25-30 days overall. Brows will look slightly darker at first, but the color will fade 30 to 40 percent during healing. Overall they look great right away and you don’t have to hide.

Depending on the skin and lifestyle, results last up a minimum of 18 months and up to three years before they begin to fade.

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